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All About Going On A Date With A Trans Escort For The First Time

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When you decide to hire a trans escort, be rest assured that you are going to have a great evening. The thing is, no female escort can provide you the type of company and fun that a trans escort can. After all, they are men themselves, and thus understand men on a very different level. They know what men wish for and what can bring them absolute satisfaction.

Now, when you are with your trans escort, she will try to do everything to satisfy you, but how the evening goes even depends on you. So, here are some tips for you to follow when you meet a sexy trans escort for the first time…

Tips to enjoy the first date with a trans escort

Be clear about what you want:

First thing first, when you are shortlisting TS escorts from LOveSita, it is crucial that you keep in mind what you exactly want. For instance, if you want to be penetrated, you want to hire a TS escort which is willing to be on top.

On the other hand, if you want to penetrate her, you should hire a trans escort who is giving the girl friend experience. Nevertheless, if you want both, simply find someone whose profile says – ‘Top and Bottom’ or ‘Versatile’. Whatever you desire, make sure to book her for at least an hour. Since this is your first time, you will need more time to relax before the action.

Be gentlemen:

If you have been through numerous profiles of TS escorts, you definitely know that they are very beautiful and attractive. So, be gentlemen and make her feel special. You can even get her a gift, like you would when you are going out with a GG escort. Compliment her on her looks and smartness and get her into a good mood. Well, if you are not good with the complements, at least be polite and treat her like a lady she is. In simple words, doesn’t be a jerk.

Tell her that it’s your first time:

Don’t be embarrassed about informing her that this is the first time you are with a trans, and be rest assured, she will know it even if you don’t. So, the better option is to inform her proactively. This way, she will make all the necessary efforts to make you feel comfortable. Also, don’t ask her to do things she didn’t advertise for. If you make weird demands, this might simply turn her off, and she won’t be interested in being intimate with you.

Stay safe:

Condoms are absolutely necessary, so don’t even think of doing something without putting one. Usually, oral sex won’t need condoms, but if you want to stay super safe, use one. Mostly, your trans escort will carry condoms, but there is no harm in carrying a few yourself.

Before going for the main action, have a glass of wine to relax your nerves. However, don’t get drunk, or you will enjoy nothing. Lastly, take things slow and you will enjoy them more.

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