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Benefits of Fruit and Vegetables for Weight Loss

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The benefits of vegetables and fruit for weight loss are many. So, I’m challenging you to “Eat more fruits and vegetables”.

Here are some of the main benefits of fruit and vegetables for your weight loss:

Low in calories

As the calories in fruits and vegetables are low you’re “allowed” to eat a lot. Take advantage of this freedom and indulge!

High in vitamins and trace elements

The high nutritional value of fruits and vegetables gives your body the vitamins and trace elements it needs.

High in fiber content

Their high content of fiber fills you up and keeps your hunger at bay for quite a while. Fiber also helps in removing toxins from your body by filling your bowels and helping them work more efficiently.

You get plenty of water

Fruit and vegetables also contain a lot of water. So by incorporating a lot of it into your diet, you lower the traditional 6-8 glasses rule.

Here is the percentage of water in popular vegetables:

Broccoli 91 %,

Cabbage 92 %

Carrot 87 %,

Cauliflower 91 %,

Cucumber 95 %,

Green peas 78 %,

Green pepper 94 %,

Lettuce 95 %,

Onion 89 %,

Potato 78 %,

Spinach 95 %,

Tomato 94 %

Here is how much fruits and berries contain in water:

Apple 84 %,

Banana 76 %,

Blueberries 86 %,

Cherries 81 %

Grapefruit 91%,

Grapes 81 %

Mango 82 %,

Orange 86 %,

Peach 89 %,

Pear 84 %

Strawberries 90 %,

Watermelon 92%

Research is actually starting to show that a high-volume eating plan is better for weight loss than a low-fat one. This is exactly what you get when you include a lot of fruit and vegetables, the best weight loss foods, in your diet.

Is It Possible to Eat Too Much Fruit?

Despite all the benefits of fruit for weight loss there is one important downside of fruit.

It usually contains a lot of sugar and may raise your blood sugar levels too much and too quickly if consumed in large quantities, especially when consumed as fruit juice. Too high blood sugar levels can ruin your weight loss.

Putting out your thirst by drinking fruit juice can be delicious, especially on a warm summer day, but it’s always better to eat the fruit as it is and not drink it as juice. That gives you the full benefit of the fruit.

If you prefer to “drink” your fruit it’s better to make it into a smoothie mixed with milk or yoghurt. Low fat milk contains 89 % water and low fat yoghurt the same.

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