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Home Safety Tips for Senior Citizen

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Home Safety Tips for Senior Citizen

Living alone is a challenge in itself and it is not easy for seniors especially. It comes with several challenges.  Here are a few home safety tips that you can follow.

  1. Stay in touch with neighbors. Build a close relationship with your neighbors. Staying in isolation is harmful to health. A senior living alone can be extremely dangerous and potentially life-threatening. Having an active social life can improve health and well-being and you can also have someone to rely on during emergencies.


  1. Install a security camera. It helps to keep a check on potential invaders and identify criminals preventing from any disastrous situations.


  1. Keep the house repaired and cleaned. Cluttering of things and the slippery floor can cause serious accidents which can be detrimental and life-threatening especially if you’re living alone, where practically no one is there to help you.


  1. Keep a working fire extinguisher at home. Fire hazards can cause life-threatening situations. It is best to have a working fire extinguisher to prevent any severe damage. Install a smoke detector and fire alarms to provide protection.


  1. Lock your doors and windows. Theft and burglary have a high probability when seniors stay alone. Lock doors and windows prevent break-ins and provide security to you.


  1. Contact your physician regularly and keep extra medications. Attending regular check-ups is important everyone and especially when there is no one to take you, you must take care of yourself. Keeping extra medications with you is always helpful. It not only saves you from any disastrous situations like running out of medicines but also from rushing to pharmacy to get the medicines. You can also take help from one of the best elderly health care services in your area.


  1. Avoid unsafe food. seniors are at high risk of developing a food-borne illness, and it is harder for them to recover if they get sick. Avoid raw or uncooked food and unpasteurized milk.


Home security is a serious concern for senior citizens. Hopefully, these tips will help you to stay safe.

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